Once upon a time, all Cleveland area neighborhoods had a place like the Tradesman Tavern, a venue for working people to eat, drink, and discuss the day’s events. Today, we’re proud to say—Parma still does, except these days, we’ve extended our roster of patrons to include techies, teachers, utility workers, and restaurant professionals, among many others.

Okay, so the Tradesman isn’t quite a replica of Cleveland’s long-ago taverns. Then again, the average professional’s workday has seen a fair bit of change too. With specialties like Chicken Paprikash and a healthy variety of beer on tap, it’s true we’ve been somewhat modernized, although according to our regulars—it’s for the better, especially when you consider all that’s been immortalized in the process.

You see, it’s not just the mural on the wall that recalls our city’s bygone charm, history, and character. Our team is comprised of a group of service industry professionals for whom the term hospitality really means something, a group that’s “old-school” in its commitment to friendly, dedicated service and skilled workmanship—or their “trade” if you prefer.

In the end, our menu is memorable and the ambiance is inviting, but it’s our people who ultimately make the decisive difference—and that goes for our guests as much as it does our personnel. At Tradesman Tavern, we’re proud to be a signature restaurant of the Parma area as well as a venue for working people to eat, drink, and discuss the day’s events.